Wyoming Mustangs GM goes from buying tickets to helping run operations

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) - The Wyoming Mustangs have promoted their desires to make the fans feel like part of the team.

This rings especially true with their General Manager, who went from trying to buy season tickets to be a part of operations.

Mustangs GM Lisa Rohrich said,” When the team first came to town, I had seen it and I was gonna get some season tickets for my husband. I met up with one of the owners and got visiting and found out that they were still needing people to work for them and do some things, and I was like ‘that’d be perfect!’”

She initially began in sales and marketing, a role that quickly evolved to game-day operations.

Now, she has been moved up into the general manager position.

The learning process has been steep one, especially considering she’s in rare company within the sports world.

“It’s been a learning experience in some other aspects of it, and I’m still learning. Like a sponge, I’m trying to soak it all up just so I can the best at it, cause there are not many women in this role in this field. Being a part of the sports world, and especially football,” said Rorich.

The Wyoming Mustangs' first home game of the year is scheduled for March 26th.